Fashion: Wide Shawl

by - August 07, 2015

Assalamualaikum! :)

Haa, kinda weird when I'm typing for this entry. Tetiba nak post about fashion. Ghase ghase? xD eh who cares? Women and fashion cannot be dipisahkan! Ihiks! >,< this time, entry kinda rojak. Just read it, okay? :p ofcoz lah faham, sebab memang orang kite suka guna bahasa rojak. Am I right?

So, I'm gonna share some styles you can try for those yang wearing wide shawl. There's so many style you girls can do. Just with your own creativity, and fushh! Beautiful and gorgeous ♥ and ofcourse wear with confident.

As the Islamic fashion industry is skyrocketing up high, there are wide choices of fashion items for the muslimah women to style. Not only clothing but hijabs are designed in various looks for muslimah women to enjoy. Among one of the hijab type that the hijabista ladies love is the wide shawl.  Wide shawl hijabs allows muslimah women to cover fully for that modest fashion look. But some women may not how to style it? Hijabista can appear chic yet modest by attempting these three hijab looks wearing wide shawls.

1. Wide Shawl + flower crown
For the ladies who want to appear sweet and feminine, style the wide shawls with a nice flower crown. Flower crowns are seen to be a hit since last years and women uses them for photoshoots, weddings and you can wear it to other occasions as well. There are many online shops which sells the flower crowns at a very affordable price. Choose one which matches most of your wide shawl collection at home and flaunt iit.

Look at her! Too sweet like a candy, right? :p

2. Wide shawl + necklace
Women can style their wide shawls any way they like and by accessorizing it with a statement necklace will do the trick. Boost the elegance to others by perking up your hijiabista look by wearing a statement necklace around the neck of your headscarve. For the ladies who do not how to pull this look, there is always a ton of hijab tutorial online on Youtube to watch and learn.

Wear wide shawl with necklace or choker, and you gonna look so drop dead gorgeous babe! Serious talk okay. So glam pulak tu. 

3. Wide shawl + earrings
Who says hijabistas cannot enjoy wearing earrings? If you style your wide shawl in a creative way, you can definitely have the opportunity as others in wearing those nice earrings you have been saving for. Instead of perking your hijab look with necklaces, earrings also gives you that modern muslimah appearance.

Sape tak kenal dengan Hana Tajima. Hot icon with many style of hijabs

Okay, thats all for this post. Happy styling! Hihi! >,<

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