Comfortable & Stylish Shapewear To Start Wearing Now

by - June 30, 2022


Shapewear is a great way to slim down and add structure to your figure. Most women who wear shapewear do so on top of their clothing, but some options let you wear it under your clothes as well. If you're still not sure whether or not shapewear is right for you, you’re at the right place.  Here are four stylish and comfortable shapewear you shouldn’t miss out on that will help with everything from waist training to banishing bulges!

Airslim Lace Smooth Bodysuit

Lace Bodysuit
There are a lot of reasons to wear shapewear, and they’re all great. It can help you feel more confident by smoothing out your figure, making it look more toned and shapely. The plus size shapewear can also help you look more comfortable in your clothes. Because it helps control body rolls and bulges that we don’t always notice but that is noticeable to others. And once you get used to wearing shapewear regularly, it becomes part of your daily routine—you won’t even think twice about throwing on one little piece before heading out the door!

AirSlim® Hourglass Full Body Shaper

High-Waisted Full-Body Shaper
The high-waisted full body shaper is a great option if you are looking for something to wear after giving birth or after weight loss. It's also good for women who have large stomachs and need extra support. This full body shaper will help make your body look slimmer, feel smoother, and more comfortable!

Neosweat Waist Trainer with Detachable Rubber Strings
Neosweat Waist Trainer with Detachable Rubber Strings

Waist Trainer
Make your waist look smaller and boost your workouts with it. The Velcro compression wraps around your midsection and allows one to perform various athletic activities while still feeling supported. The heat retention device can be adjusted as their waist size reduces or removed altogether if preferred.

This is the perfect waist trainer for women that provides a minimum of 1-inch reduction but up to 3-inch reductions when worn correctly plus it provides dual support and doesn't restrict any range of motion during physical activity. For a more formal look, the waist trainer is perfect. This waist trainer can be worn under a dress or skirt, and can even be worn under a suit or blazer.

Airslim Full Coverage Sculpting Body Shaper
Airslim Full Coverage Sculpting Body Shaper

Sculpting Body Shaper
You know that feeling when you put on a dress and it fits perfectly? That's what this shaper does for you. It gently compresses your middle, smoothing out lumps and bumps so you can wear your favorite dresses with confidence. It's made from nylon/spandex, which means it's breathable and flexible enough to move with you but holds everything in place at the same time. This is important because if there's any part of your body that needs compression (and there probably is), this shaper will do the trick!

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